Fluidtoons is Brett W. Thompson's intuitive outpouring of cartoon art: drawings and paintings on paper, canvas, walls, human bodies, etc., as well as hand-drawn animation. Besides cartoons of all sorts, Keith Haring's work has been an enormous influence.

Recent large works on paper have been created in public as live art during music shows and other events (this one, for example, during a monthly residency at WHAT NOW? Sessions, a jazz/hip-hop night).

Brett fell in love with making large work when, in his first few days of living in NYC, he stumbled upon Art Around the Park and grabbed a free spot immediately (each spot was approximately six by seven feet of billboard vinyl).

Since then, he's painted several large murals, participated as an artist for Body Painting Day, and covered shoes, shower curtains, sinks, toasters, and a Toyota SUV with Fluidtoons.

Fluidtoons animation has screened all over the world for various festivals and International Animation Day. It's typically created with simple marker on paper with no storyboarding.

Brett has had solo art shows in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Brooklyn.

Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, he is now based in Brooklyn, New York.